​Home Sharing​ brings people together who would otherwise be living on their own.  

Those who home share, live together, share expenses, decision making, friendship and have the support of a social network in their own home.  

Some rent a home together, some will share a home they own.  No matter which:   HOME SHARING IS ABOUT THE PEOPLE, not the house.     

 We are gathering guidelines, contracts, ideas and contacts that we will  all need, in our quest  to find our own home share group, and create a home share of  our own making.  (see our plan & how this will work TAB in menu)

We are a non-profit group,  who are compiling the information, guidelines and tools we all need to find others and succeed at home sharing.  All of the information gathered will be posted onto a single on line resource web site, that we are having built. This will be a non-partisan site that will be shared with and freely used by all individuals and groups wanting to home share.    This site is the tool we all need to find others of like mind and succeed at creating our own personal home share. for healthier and happier living.

​Golden Girls.....Grace & Frankie..... the Odd Couple ?

   Together we are making this possible !!

Home Together. ca

If you  want  a  Home  Together,  it will soon be possible.

​...We want more out of life


Although our focus is on those 55+, Home sharing is for anyone interested in sharing their life with other like minded individuals  for a happier, healthier, affordable life. 

________________________ It's not a Social Media Thing  ...   It's a Social Living thing_______________________


...We want more in our life

                                    MANY HOURS BY MANY PEOPLE HAVE GONE BEFORE US, this is not a new idea.                                               We believe the desire and the need to home share is finally great enough that together we will be able to succeed at getting this                                      one tool, so greatly needed by all, created so it can be freely used by all.